Watch this great play by an Orioles ballgirl … on a fair ball

This actually could have helped the O’s in a way. It ended up being a ground rule double, so the runner on first had to stop at third when it looked like there was a chance he could score. Both runners scored later anyway, so no harm done. Nice play though.

I’m tempted to mention all the teams she could probably play for, but that’s the easy way out. I’ll just point out that she saved the left fielder a lot of work. I’m not sure he ever would have made his way over there at the rate he was moving.

[GIF via The Score]

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The MLB season is only a couple days old, but I doubt there will be a better headline than this one

This is impressive, if true. I would expect a big attendance boost for all future Mets games.

Also worth noting, the Mets have a goal of 90 wins? In one year? I expected this to be a long, hard year for the Metropolitans. In fact, I thought they would be pretty sucky. Maybe I was wrong and they are actually headed in the right direction.

This has been your boner joke of the day.

[SB Nation]

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5 Important Questions [3/20] – Best BB/FB coaching combo, worst unis, NFL free agency winners and losers, and why it hurts when Nebrasketball loses

I actually got a few questions yesterday and my page views were a little higher than normal, and around here that counts as a tremendous success. Cigars for everyone! I can’t actually do that, sorry.

Let’s get started.

1. Can we ask them right here? (Jay, via Facebook)

Yes, Jay, you can ask them right here. He was referring to Facebook, but it applies to wherever else here is for you. You can ask me any way you can reach me, and I’ll be right here to answer. At some point. Probably.

2. The Celtics St Patrick’s day uniforms. Are they the worst uniforms of all time, or should they be nuked from space? Also. Is Adidas putting sleeves on basketball uniforms the worst atrocity humankind has seen since the birth of Justin Bieber? (Jeff, via Facebook)

These are the Celtics uniforms Jeff’s referring to:

celtics-sleeved-jerseys-1They are vile, no doubt. But worst ever? I say not quite. These are the worst ever:

adidas-2013-march-madness-camo-uniforms2-570x407One thing that may change my opinion slightly on the Celtics unis is that they already wear green and this is their logo:

CelticsLogoWhy do they feel the need to wear something special for St. Patrick’s Day when they are the de facto mascot of the holiday already? How much more freaking Irish can they get? The answer is I don’t know, but sleeves and gold letters aren’t the way to do it. That might even be St. Patrick himself on the logo. I don’t know much about Ireland.

As for the second part of your question, yes sleeved jerseys are the worst thing since Justin Bieber, but I don’t blame Adidas. I blame the NBA. They know adults don’t buy basketball jerseys because they’re afraid they might look like this guy:

fat-guy-spinning-ballSo, somebody decided that sleeves would make adults buy jerseys and Adidas agreed because they had to and now all the teams wears sleeved jerseys and adults still don’t buy them because most adults don’t wear jerseys at all because it doesn’t  feel quite right, even when they wear them to games, which is the only place it should even feel a little bit right in the first place.

3. So why is it that when the Husker football team loses it ruins the rest of my day (sometimes weekend), and now this happens when the basketball team loses? I must be getting too emotionally involved. (Adam, via Facebook)

I’ve noticed this too, and I bet a lot of Husker fans would agree.

Part of it is because of emotional involvement, although I don’t think you’re too involved unless by “ruined your weekend” you mean locking yourself in your basement with a huge knife and a bottle of Jim Beam until the pain goes away.

I know its a weird feeling, caring about basketball, but I couldn’t be happier to finally experience it. The truth is, this is what it should feel like. What we’ve felt for about 16 years is apathy. We had no expectations, and since nothing happened that changed that, we stopped caring about wins and losses. We still noticed the few big wins that came around, but we expected that the Huskers would lose a bad one soon and they always did.

It’s good to feel bad when the Huskers lose now, although I hope we don’t feel it nearly as often anymore. But besides the emotional attachment, the reason you feel bad after losses now is because there are now expectations to win. That’s a good thing, to a point.

I’ve soured just a tiny bit on the Husker football team lately because the fans’ expectations have gone too far and become demands and I’m not okay with that. Fans can expect anything they want, but when they don’t get it, they have to understand that that happens sometimes. More often than we want, sure, but we as fans have no right to demand a coach lose his job or that a player be benched or any other number of things that I’ve heard fans demand lately because good isn’t good enough anymore.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen with the basketball team, but I think I know better. It’s fine to be mad and voice your displeasure, but when you start thinking you have a say in how the team is run because you bought a ticket or a jersey, that’s a big problem.

4. Who do you think has won and lost so far in the NFL free agency market exchanges?  (Brandon, via Facebook)

There is really no way to determine winners and losers until the end of next year. Look at the Seahawks last year,  for example. In March, not many people were impressed by them signing Cliff Avril or Micheal Bennett, but they ended up being hugely important parts of a defense that ended up being the best in football.

That said, it’s hard not to like what the Broncos have done, adding DeMarcus Ware, Emmanuel Sanders, TJ Ward, and Aqib Talib. The Giants have also improved themselves by almost completely overhauling their secondary. The Buccaneers and Patriots have also addressed needs and added some very good veterans that should make them better next year.

As for losers, the Chiefs lost a starting LT and DE, some key role players, two guards, and a dangerous WR/KR, while adding nothing. The Raiders have also been losers, to no one’s surprise. They overpaid for Rodger Saffold, then backed out of the deal by failing him on his physical and settling for a bargain basement alternative. For a team with so much cap space and so many needs, they have added nothing.

5. With Auburn signing Bruce Pearl, do they now have the best head football coach (Gus Malzahn) and basketball coach combo in the country?  (Auburn fans, via everywhere)

I don’t blame Auburn fans one bit for being excited about Bruce Pearl. He’s a great coach that was overdue for his second chance and I’d put money on him being successful there. But best combo in the country? I can’t say that at this point.

For one thing, Gus Malzahn has only been there one year. Granted, it was a spectacular year, but one year is not enough for me to buy in completely. Gene Chizik knows what I’m talking about. And even though I believe in Pearl, before I can say this combo is the best in the country, I’ll have to actually see him coach a game or maybe 60 there.

Off the top of my head, Izzo/Dantonio,  Kryzyzewski/Cutcliffe, and Pitino/Petrino (Petrino’s got problems, but he’s a great coach and he wins) should be in the conversation with Malzahn/Pearl. Maybe even Pelini/Miles could sneak in there. But even if you put the Auburn coaches at the top of that list, they still can’t touch the best combo in the country: Meyer/Matta at Ohio State. I hate everything about Ohio State, but I’m capable of looking at things objectively and that is one hell of a basketball/football coaching combination. I hate that most of all.

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